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Industrial Cleaning Services


4Hirefm offers industrial cleaning services throughout the UK. With a network of professionally trained cleaners across the country, we guarantee safety when dealing with hazardous chemicals and machinery. We have been keeping our industrial clients’ properties and machinery clean for over a decade.
Whether you need scheduled machine cleaning or an emergency clean, you can always count on our team of professional cleaners to get the job done.

Of course, industrial facilities take up a lot of grime and dirt quickly due to the kind of operations going on there. Unfortunately, dirt on machinery can cause contamination, leading to breakdowns occurring earlier than expected. Breakdowns lead to downtimes and loss of money. Prevent that by scheduling an industrial cleaning with us today.

4Hirefm Cleaning Services was founded to provide excellent customer service to all our clients. Unlike most other UK cleaning contractors, we don’t only clean homes; we have specialized equipment and methods required to clean industrial environments like power stations, plant rooms, dockyards, manufacturing premises, recycling plants, tanks, electrical facilities and lots more.

When we encounter any unique industrial facility with no standard cleaning practices or methods, we will conduct research and trials to determine the best possible approach to obtain the best possible outcome. You can rest assured we will oversee the cleaning from start to finish, ensuring it complies with all applicable safety regulations.

We offer various industrial cleaning services, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial tank cleaning
  • Heavy-duty equipment cleaning with hydro blasting
  • Hand cleaning for delicate equipment
  • Paint booth cleaning & maintenance
  • Decontamination & sanitizing
  • Industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • Deep cleaning for interior and exterior industrial spaces
  • Commercial power washing
  • Factory cleaning
  • Loading dock cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Manufacturing plants cleaning
  • And any kind of emergency cleaning services

For the last two decades, 4Hirefm has been cleaning industrial facilities throughout the UK. Over time, our team has expanded extensively, yielding us a workforce large enough to assist you any day and at any hour. Whether you need our cleaning service after closing of your industrial operation, during the night shift, or over the weekend, you can count on us to get the job done.

  • When will your cleaners arrive?

4Hirefm cleaning operatives will arrive by 8a.m. on the scheduled day and depart no later than 4p.m. We would do our best to complete the job within that time without compromising quality, but we may return the next morning to finish up, depending on the scope of the project. We will always call an hour before our arrival so you can prepare.

  • Would your team need parking space?

4Hirefm cleaning operatives are equipped with vans loaded with specialized cleaning equipment. We would need to park near your facility to offload such equipment. If there are parking restrictions around your facility, kindly notify us when we call an hour before arrival. Do your best to make any suitable arrangements to help us park as close to your property as possible.

  • Must I be present while you clean?

You have to be present during our arrival so you can grant us entry and specify the areas of priority. If you have done so and can make it back before we finish, there’s no reason why you should stick around while we clean up the place. We would also need your presence before we leave so we can check and correct any possible issues on time, after which you sign off work.

  • Should I supply my industrial cleaner with equipment?

At 4Hirefm, we supply our contract cleaners with all the cleaning solutions and equipment they need to get your home spanking new. Once you provide us with light and water, we are good to go.

  • What sets 4Hirefm apart from other industrial cleaning companies?

We are a well-established cleaning company with the latest cleaning equipment and methods and the best prices, but we believe what sets us apart is our friendliness and customer service.

Industrial Cleaners

Our UK industrial cleaning specialists are available 24/7

Machine Cleaning

Give your machines and plants a breath of fresh air

Paint Booth Clean

Customized cleaning services for paint booths

Tank Clean

Tank/Fat cleaning services for industrial environments in the UK


Whether a scheduled maintenance request or for an emergency, our UK industrial cleaners are always ready to meet you at the point of your needs. Take advantage of our training, experience, and specialized cleaning equipment and have peace of mind about the safety of your property. Our cleaning team will carry out risk assessments and method statements to ensure the safety of each project.

From Steam Cleaners and Scrubber Driers to Rotary Buffers and Pressure Washers, we have all the cleaning equipment your business needs to stay germ-free.


We adopt different cleaning methods depending on the situation and machine in question. We can execute hydro blasting, mill stands, or presses, especially for heavy-duty machines. Where there are sensors, such as in the food industry, careful hand-cleaning is often required.

In situations where abrasive blasting is needed, we work to minimize the blast to help you reduce waste disposal costs. And for heavily encrusted machines, we typically use jackhammers or air chisels. Whatever the case, our cleaners will work around your schedule to minimize operational downtime on your premises.


The appearance of a painted surface is just as important as the quality. Therefore, removing paint particles and dirt from the painting booth is critical as these materials may adhere to the wet painted surface, causing defects in the finished appearance.

4Hirefm offers paint booth cleaning anywhere in the UK, observing best practices to ensure the maximum quality of your painting. Our paint booth cleaning is a comprehensive service comprising extraction, ductwork and filter cleaning. In addition, we will consider the paint pipelines and components, as cleaning them can help optimize their lifespan. The specially trained paint booth cleaning team at 4Hirefm will perform decontaminating and wastewater disposal for your booth. To make your booth cleaning easier in the future, we may apply peel-able tank/booth coatings.


Being experts at industrial tank cleaning in the UK, we will carry out a detailed inspection and gas testing to determine what contaminants are present. Each tank cleaning operative at 4Hirefm is trained to work in confined spaces and use the latest safety equipment to guarantee a perfect job. We are experienced in silo, tank and interceptor cleaning, as well as external water jetting, painting, and recoating. For situations in which manned access is necessary, we will provide specialized internal tank cleaning and safe waste management of any hazardous residue from the site.



We know time matters to you, so we won’t keep you waiting. We typically respond to queries within 24 hours, and we will come over promptly to clean your property, no matter your location.


Whether you need us by day or night, we will work round the clock to ensure your facility is clean for use when you need it, and we clean without disrupting your operation.


Industrial facilities usually contain hazardous materials. We are aware, so we carry out a risk assessment before commencing. With us cleaning your industrial facility, you can have absolute peace of mind.


We offer all types of cleaning services in the UK required by manufacturing plants and production facilities. If your need is unique, just let us know, and we will tailor a cost-effective solution just for you.


Our cleaning operatives are based at virtually every location in the UK, so wherever you call us from, we will have professional cleaners nearby to visit your property.



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